Our dedicated staff

Our crewmembers take pride in their work and the company they are part of. Their backgrounds include fine dining or catering. Additional in-house training is required and we don't stop there. Consistent on the job critiques and evaluations by both management and clients maintain our high standards.

Staff is comfortable working alone, and when together they complement each other as a team, working together to get the job done. Initiative is taken in all aspects from set up to serving, to clean up. They are professionals and handle all situations appropriately.

Their dress is impeccable, whether sporting a contemporary black bistro look or played down in a more casual polo and khakis. We are happy to adjust the uniform to the tone of your party.


No matter what type of staff you need our crew is always adaptable to each situation. We want you as the host(ess) to enjoy your guests.

Wait staff

The staff is comfortable in and around the kitchen and is ready to set-up, serve and clean up. Depending on the type of event and your requests, this may include some or all of the following: warm-up, arrange and pass hors d'oeuvres; cutting, displaying, plating and arranging food; set-up and replenish buffet (or table, if sit down service); serve and pass beverages; hang coats; clear plates, glasses; clean area, wash dishes, put leftovers away, and dispose of trash and recyclables.


set up the bar area, prepare and serve drinks, and clean up. They are also comfortable making and serving specialty cocktails to order. Bartenders carry a bar kit: pourers, wine opener, ice scoop, shaker, strainer, and bottle opener.

or both

If you don't have a large crowd and only require one person to handle a party, we accommodate that by placing a staff person comfortable with both serving food and preparing drinks.

Site Managers

are available and work closely with the staff and client. They are a great asset and are highly recommended for larger events or events needing any special coordinating attention.

And more...

We are happy to accommodate you if you need help in other areas.

  • Kitchen Prep
  • Coat Checks
  • Greeters / Hosts

table set up

staf serving

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